Beechwood Capital Management, Inc.

How is Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. different from other investment advisors?

Our investment strategy emphasizing closed-end funds is uncommon, if not unique. In addition, investing is not only our vocation, but our avocation. Our education and experience, we believe, set us apart from the majority of other advisors.

Who are your clients?

Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. manages portfolios of stock investments for individuals, IRAs, retirement plans, trusts, corporations and others. We do not use high pressure sales and only want to work with people who want to work with us.

Do you manage fixed income investments?

Yes! For those clients who want fixed income investments, our strategy involves using discounted closed-end funds that have underlying fixed income investments.

What is your minimum account size?

In general, our minimum account size is $100,000. We accept smaller accounts on a case by case basis.

How do you get paid?

Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. gets paid based on assets under management. At the end of each calendar quarter we send to our clients a statement showing the assets in the account, a breakdown of how the account performed over the past quarter and year to date, and a billing statement. Most of our clients prefer that fees be deducted directly from their accounts; some however, prefer to pay themselves.

Are you a financial planner?

No, we do not do financial planning. Financial planners usually offer a broad array of financial services such as estate planning, college planning, insurance needs, annuities, etc. Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. is focused solely on managing portfolios of investments.

Are you a stock broker?

No, we are not stock brokers. Stock brokers execute buy and sell orders of financial instruments and get paid based on a commission for effecting the transaction. Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. makes investment decisions and then uses a broker to carry out our instructions.

What broker do you use?

Usually we recommend TD Ameritrade for our clients. However, a client can use any brokerage firm that is willing to work with us. All accounts remain in the client's name.

Do you invest client money in alternative assets?

We have no expertise in alternative investments (gold, venture capital, futures, options, etc.) and therefore do not give advice concerning them.

Where is the stock market headed?

Our opinion of the future direction of the stock market was said best in 1939 by Henry W. Dunn. Since that time, his thoughts have been republished several times:

"There is hardly anything more important to the future standing and usefulness of the investment counsel profession than that every reasonable effort should be made to disabuse the public mind, as far as possible, of the widespread belief or assumption, unwarranted and erroneous in fact, that competent investment management is largely a matter of anticipating stock market movements, and hence the chief function of investment counsel is successful stock market guessing. ...
It is necessary... to make known as widely as possible what I regard as the plain truth: that, with all the effort which has been expended on attempts to discover or devise new and better methods of forecasting, or to develop greater skill in the use of the old methods, guessing the next move of the stock market, with due reference to the two vital factors of direction and timing, still is little more than a gamble. ... The profession [must] find effective means of combating what I have chosen to call the persistent delusion."